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Robert Brokenshire
President Mount Compass
0419 815 990

Robert is a dairy farmer from Mount Compass and former member of the South Australian Parliament. The Brokenshire family currently milk 440 jersey cows and maintain a Jersey Stud breeding from a fourth-generation herd. The dairy is in an expansion stage at the moment and while they milk in a conventional herringbone dairy, they are in the process of upgrading to a high-tech rotary.

In parliament, Robert spent 23 years across a number of roles and as a member of both houses.

“Our family have received great benefits over the years as SADA members and I look forward to bringing my experience into the board to allow us to work as a focussed team with the SADA staff to grow opportunities for our dairy farmer members.” said Robert

“Whilst there are ongoing challenges and complexities in modern dairy farming, I see that there are also great opportunities to sustainably grow both dairy farm gate returns and overall milk production. SADA as a key partner with processors, government, retailers and consumers has an important role in making sure this happens.”

“South Australian dairy can grow strong economic opportunities for our state by capitalizing on our natural advantages such as affordable and plentiful supplies of grain and hay, existing processor infrastructure available for increased milk production and partnering with government growth and trade policy. We can deliver growing, sustainable milk supply and become a significant player in national production. Consumers around the world are looking for healthy, natural, and affordable nutritional food. Scientific and medical reports indicate dairy can deliver all of these.”

“In my 40 years as a dairy farmer I see the immediate future as being the most exciting it’s ever been. SADA will work hard for our members and the industry to grow and meet the demand for processors, retailers and consumers, focusing on our social license.”

“We’re here to serve and advocate and develop good policy for members that delivers the best possible outcomes at farm gate.”